The average temperature of the world has increased 1.1 degrees Celsius since the beginning of the 20th century. The planet is being destroyed and we are the only ones who can stop it. Help the Earth with your Eco-events!

You’ve Got An (E-)mail!

Have you ever thought about the amount of paper unnecessarily used on a daily basis? Instead of sending traditional physical invitations, why not use digital ones? Inviting people by email is getting more popular and is an Eco-friendly option!

In case you prefer the paper invitation, I would recommend you to use recycled paper as to lower your environmental impact.


Plants, wood, recycled paper, solar panels or LED lights … all some ideas you can use at your special venue to make it look amazing!

Not damaging the environment doesn’t mean it has to damage your eyes!


Serving seasonal food, fruits, vegetables and products from organic farms or fair trade organisations are good options. Of course local products help further reduce the ecological footprint.

If you really want to take your food to the next level, we recommend you check out Eatmosphere, a zero waste catering company that delivers maximum taste with minimum waste.

Also, try to pay attention to your tableware. I know using plastic dishes can be tempting as you don’t have to wash them. But reducing (or eliminating) the use of plastic is one of the top priorities if you want your event to be Eco-friendly.

Green Location

Try to locate a special event space where people can go by foot, by bicycle or public transport. Indicate this Eco-information on the invitation and let them know if there is parking for your guests’ bicycles. Sometimes people just don’t think about this option until you tell them, so don’t hesitate to say it clearly. Chances are, at least some people are gonna do it!


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