Today, I was in front of the computer wondering what should be my next post about, but nothing came to my mind. I decided to ask my boss if he had any ideas and, his answer was: “Brainstorming”. He didn’t mean that I should write about it, he actually wanted to do one but, here I am, posting about this technique.  


Why Are Brainstormings Important?

Like me, I guess you also have had a lack of ideas sometimes. This is the reason for its importance, to let your imagination flow.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” –Ken Blanchard.

At work is common to be in groups in order to be faster and more efficient, but working with someone else is not always easy. With the brainstorming method, you can bring together different ideas and find the best one, the mix of everything you need.


Which Steps Should You Follow?

Getting a group of people saying everything that comes to their mind without feeling uncomfortable is not simple.  

First, you need to prepare the group. Find the right event venue is essential to set up a comfortable meeting environment and make the employees feel integrate. Make sure no one judges the others’ opinion, it’s not time to be critical.

Once this is done, define the problem. Layout any criteria that you require. Make clear that the meeting’s objective is to generate as many ideas as possible. Then, guide the discussion. Encourage people to participate, congratulate their thoughts and participate yourself.

When everybody has said all their ideas and you already have them write it down, it is time to evaluate the work.

Look everything the group has mentioned and decide the best idea. When you have reached this point, you will be ready to start the new task!


Advantages And Disadvantages

Like everything in life, Brainstorming is not perfect and has some pros and cons.


This technique helps to combine individual forces, therefore it creates an easier way to conclude decisions. It also gives a wider perspective due to the different opinions of each person. Finally, It raises the self-esteem of the members of the group, making them feel part of the project.


One of the biggest disadvantages is the time needed to get the ideas, organize them and choose one in common. Additionally, you also have to pay attention while deciding the final option because you don’t want any employee to feel demotivated or underestimated.

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