“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller -, manifesting the importance of team collaboration in your daily life and business.

What Is Team Building?

Team building events are opportunities in which employees do activities that promote cooperation and integration as well as personal and collective improvement.

If you can achieve this, the happiness of your workers will increase and the productivity of your company with it.

Preparing The Event For The Team

To design the right event, try to make it participatory in order for the employees to accommodate themselves and automatically become a single team.

Finding the right space is crucial. If you are running out of ideas, check Spacehuntr. We have plenty of cool options that can help you. Do a fun event and everybody will be motivated!

Activities For The Team

If you are thinking about preparing a team building event and you don’t know what to do, here are some interesting ideas.

Escape rooms

This choice has many advantages. It encourages the employees to participate together in the team while developing their skills by offering them challenges. Take Sherlock Holmes, he couldn’t solve the enigmas without Watson.

Wood Cutter Bar

This new kind of special venues in Brussels consists in trying to throw axes on large wooden targets. A new concept of having fun that no one could say no to.

Beer Tour

Drinking activities facilitate the integration factor because everybody is more friendly when they drink a couple beers. Thanks to Belgium beers, this activity is always a good choice.

Just be careful, you don’t want to become the drunkest employee of the office.

Masterchef / Cooking Event

Finally, this idea consists in preparing plates in a certain time, so your team will need to work together to make it on time. With this choice you promote cooperation with the advantage of enjoying a nice meal. Certainly food is always the answer!

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