“Thank you for this amazing party!” This is what everybody wants to hear the day after the event. Here are some tips on how to achieve this.


Set Your Budget

It is important to estimate the budget of your memorable party. Why? To set the amount of food and drinks you need to buy and, the size and type of the venue you need to book. How will the party be? You don’t want to remortgage your house yet, you want the event to be an unforgettable party, how can you combine these two? This question can be solved with a formula. You don’t necessarily have to pay for the whole celebration. You can choose a “forfait for a few hours” followed with a “pay as you go”. A mix also works, or you can just simply pay for your guests and offer an open bar.


Choose a Theme

No one wants another standard party. Make it special and unforgettable by choosing a theme like a “Rock‘n Roll” party, or a “Harry Potter” party, whatever. Try to be original! … you will love it and you might be surprised by the effort some of your guests have put in their costume.

Get a Unique Event Space

We all want a party that people can remember, have great pictures on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Find the right and original venue for your party, with some nice backdrops, like an amazing rooftop so your guests can make cool insta-shots and share it with their community.

Time and Date

Saturday night is the basic solution. But you can also consider a fun Sunday afternoon party! Just like our grandparents and their famous Sunday swing parties. Or what about becoming a bit Spanish and do a Vermú, drinking and eating from afternoon until sunset? Whatever you prefer, we think Sundays afternoon should be an integral part of your analysis.


What better way than a cool vintage looking photomaton to give physical and nostalgic reminders to your guests? With the presence of a photomaton they won’t forget this great birthday party! Do you need one? Have a look at simplybox.


Let’s start planning your birthday together!

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