If you’ve organized an event without using social media before, you might wonder why you should spend time into a social media strategy for your event. Let me tell you 5 reasons why.

The More The Better

You can create a Facebook event and have your guests say they will participate, you can use a special hashtag on Twitter to talk about your event, or to post updates on the organisation’s Instagram to keep them informed. All of those are ways to make your guests engage with your event through social media. And it is public, so by participating, liking, commenting etc, their friends and followers are also going to be made aware of your event. Even if they aren’t your target audience, brand awareness is always a positive thing.

Activity Means Engagement

By being active and talking openly about your event, you will give your guests the feeling that you are there. When you reply to their questions and like their comments on your page, they will be directly engaging with you. This creates an environment where your guests feel that you’re reactive and they can ask you things. Therefore, you will be building a relationship with them.

Build a Community Around the Event

When you interact with your guests online, you create a special place for interaction. This allows them to talk with each other, and, in addition, being active online will help you keep those interactions positive. I don’t need to remind you that having people exchanging online content about your event is a great thing!

Hype Up Your Event

When you organize any kind of event, you want people to be excited about it. You can definitely use social media to make that happen. Teasing it on Instagram or giving anecdotes on Twitter or Facebook is a great way to make everyone curious and dying to attend!

Get Publicity For Your Next Events

When D-day is finally here and you’re busy overviewing everything, you might be tempted to stop your social media campaign. Wrong! Communicating during your event, and after it, is the perfect way to get publicity for your next one. Show the world how amazing it was!

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