Organising an inspiring conference, where your guests are surrounded by like minded people, is not always an easy task. Below we’ve put out some pointers so you can boost that satisfaction rate.

Get the sticker right

There are many types of conferences: religious, informative, press, seminars… So your first task will be to trigger your attendees attention in the blink of an eye.

One way of doing this is to set a theme and work your way up to the name of the event. So you want it to be something catchy. Something that intrigues and sparks interest. Something they can’t miss out on.

Plan (early)

This might seem obvious, but really, we at Spacehuntr get the strangest requests with the most insane urgencies (e.g. 1 day to organise a 250 people conference in Brussels, no joke).  Whilst this normally takes months!

Of course it all depends on the size and scale but please avoid planning last minute. As a rule of thumb, we recommend 1 Month / 100 PAX. Believe me, you need this. Your stress levels will prove it.

Get A Special Venue

No one wants to attend another conference in what looks like a copy paste of the last conference venue you went to. Get your attendees something surprising, like something off the grid like this amazing theatre. You will see those RSVPs sky rocketing.

Stars Shine

Speakers are the stars of your conference. You want an impressive lineup to attract and inspire attendees. Finding the right speaker(s) is hard, but ever tried This is a great Dutch company that can provide you with the best speakers for your conference.

Time for numbers

Depending on the type of conference budgets change, but there is some stuff in common. Keep in mind publicity, catering, venue, speakers and staff. So based upon your fixed costs, adjust your variables to get the right formula. Think a strategic sponsor, ticket prices or catering providers etc.

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