A winter barbeque with your colleagues is a great way to escape the more traditional served Christmas or New Years party. They are much less formal and as such have a more friendly vibe around them. Now to get the best of your winter BBQ we’ve set out 5 tips below.

Heat Those Drinks – 

Nothing feels so much like a cosy winter than a steaming mug of spiced booze whether it’s cider or the perfect mulled wine. They are a warming celebration of traditional festive spices and simply taste like Christmas in a glass. What better way to kick off your perfect winter BBQ.

Cook Outdoors, Eat Indoors

Having the sound of a sizzling steak and smell smoked meat during the colder months is comforting yet eating outside as well can be daunting. So to make sure people do not get frostbite when enjoying that gorgeous food, we recommend you to foresee an indoor space to eat and where guests can party till deep in the night.

Start A Bonfire

Bonfires are another must have at any corporate winter BBQ that wants to earn its stripes. Bonfires are super cosy and provide an intimate atmosphere as well as a heatsource to warm up. As we dont want your party to get too heated-up, we would recommend to use fire baskets, have extinguishers at hand and get a project manager to keep an eye on it all, whilst everyone is enjoying themselves.

Get Some Blankets And Beanies To Snuggles Up

Make sure you get some extra wool or fleece blankets and beanies for your guests to get comfortable outside and snuggle up.

Marshmallows And Hot Chocolate For Desert

Another popular American treat, that found its way into continental Europe. But admit it is a such nice treat to roast your own marshmallows over a cosy bonfire to afterwards dip them in your hot chocolate or just eat them smoking hot of the skewer.


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