Clear information on how to get there

This may seem like a no brainer but when it comes to events, the very first thing your attendees want is easy access and easy parking. If they already have trouble trying to get there, or struggle for a long time to find parking space, their perception of your event is already going to be negative. Be sure to include all the information in a clear way in your event registration.

Enough time to network

A corporate event is a great way to do some networking. For most people, sufficient time to meet and really exchange and connect with others is expected. There are few things as frustrating as meeting interesting people but not have time to exchange in any meaningful way, so be sure to consider this when creating the daily planning.

Enough stimulation

Another point that turns events into nightmares: lack of stimulation. Your attendees are not there to sit and passively listen all day, they expect you to offer content that challenges them intellectually. You should consider ways to make your attendees feel engaged with the content of your events.

Being impressed

This is also an obvious one, but people always want to be impressed. There is nothing more dull than going to a meeting that is the exact same as the one before (and the one before that one). People want to be surprised, and they want to be impressed, so give them that!

Choose the right venue and this will be easier!

New information

And the most important thing your attendees expect from your event: to learn something new. As humans, we are always looking for new knowledge and discoveries. If you want your attendees to feel like your event brought something to their life then give them the knowledge they didn’t get before. They will then remember your event as positive!

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