Our story:

Spacehuntr was founded in 2018 by Dietrich Moens and Michael Luckx. They met, more than 12 years ago, when working for a brand activation company on many different sorts of events (from exclusive private events to major festivals). During their previous corporate life, both Dietrich and Michael died multiple times because of spending too many hours in horrifically dull and tired corporate meeting rooms.

Deciding life is too short for anyone to spend any minute in dull and tired meeting rooms, they decided to create spacehuntr – an online platform that would allow everyone to list and book unique venues that stimulate creativity and productivity. 

Michaël Luckx – Loves his annual trip to the mountains with family or friends. He enjoys different types of music, but usually preferences jazz and electronic music. He is also very fond of gastronomy, and indifferent if it is to go out for dinner or to cook at home for guests. Michael, has an academic and professional engineering background topped off with an MBA from Berlin. Which is where he became passionate about startups and educated himself in digital entrepreneurship. With 189 cm, he is also the tallest of the two.

Dietrich Moens – Before cofounding spacehuntr, Dietrich worked in project finance and at EY and investments at institutional real estate investors. He holds 2 masters degrees and the CFA charter. After several corporate years, he realised that finance is not half as much fun as starting your own company in something you love (beautiful spaces). Dietrich is passionate about architecture, interior design and art. He loves to paint and savor a Chimay Blue with 1930s african jazz on Sundays with his wife to be Bea.


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